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About Us


Our business is based in New York, but our interests and passions have always included things international.  In planning this fashion store, we wanted to bring that international passion to the Womenswear and Menswear fashion that our store would offer.

We appreciate your business and continue and rely on the opinions and creative graphics and wordsmithing of our freelance assistants. We will soon announce all credit due to those who came together to re-launch our website.  .

Our designers and their studios are an eclectic mix of international ateliers and abricators. Over 230 design houses supply our women's and men's wear collections.

They each contribute style and elegance reflecting the latest trends in fashion design. 

We are proud to bring this rich mix of fashion influences to our customers as these trends are reflected in the fashion collections you will find in our store. - A store where we bring passion into fashion. 

Their art and stylistic excellence is displayed in the shoe designs, jacket styles, and diverse items of fetching work and play wear that are available to our female and male customers.

We offer a selection of clothing that reflects the most attractive and practical design ideas from around the globe.  Design influences from the great fashion centers of New York, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Sydney, San Francisco and London are all amply represented in our designer collections. 

These elegant designer wares are complemented by the unique fashion traits reflected in our designs.  These come from disparate design centers as far apart as Iceland, North Africa, Australia, Sweden, United States and emerging fashion centers in Asia - Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai. 

Thank you for shopping with us, we appreciate your business here at My Mall Metro.

Regards, Michelle MartellaOwner and CEO